Fall Financial Makeover - Ladies Only!


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Emotions, expectations & economics.

    Optional OK Emotions impact financial decisions as you plan for retirement? Tips to help avoid disappointment today and in future economic times. is required

Planning for the next generation

    Optional OK Are your finances puzzling as you plan for the next generation? In these trying times, the reality is careful financial planning can help bring the puzzle pieces together! is required

Long term care

    Optional OK Struggling with the long term care insurance dilemma – when should you get it, and is it worth buying? Common questions for yourself, or your aging parents. is required

Elder abuse, computer security, shopping online and protecting personal information

    Optional OK Think you’re safe when shopping online? Assume elder abuse doesn’t happen in your neighborhood? Think again. Explore warning signs, risk factors, prevention. is required


    Note:This topic is only available at the Central Iowa and Iowa City-Coralville locations

    Optional OK Wonder how to turn today’s economy and its low loan rates in your favor? You can. Find options for independence with the answers to borrowers’ 3 most frequently asked questions. is required

Technology sampler

    Note:This topic is only available at the Iowa City-Coralville, Mt. Pleasant, and Burlington locations

    Optional OK Will you recognize the future? Our technology sampler, with mobile banking and more, helps bridge both sides of the generation gap! is required
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