Statement of Condition - Two Rivers Bank & Trust

December 31, 2016

Cash & Due10,626,634.40
US. Government Securities77,962,075.33
State, County and Municipal32,327,260.45
Other Securities 5,086,631.22
Loans and Discounts585,878,915.10
Net Reserve for Loan Losses-7,623,596.72
Net Loans578,255,318.38
Federal Funds Sold20,852,011.89
Bank Premises, Furniture & Fixtures10,147,566.65
Other Assets32,597,169.78
Total Assets767,854,668.10
Undivided Profits23,858,865.93
Federal Funds Purchased/Repurchase Agreements55,409,719.34
Notes Payable and Other Borrowings0
Other Liabilities11,961,039.80
Demand Deposits295,043,404.54
Time and Savings Deposits336,031,875.99
Total Liabilities & Equity767,854,668.10