Statement of Condition - Two Rivers Bank & Trust

December 31, 2015 Statement of Condition

Cash & Due8,158,422
US. Government Securities62,504,241
State, County and Municipal29,058,082
Other Securities 5,669,854
Loans and Discounts572,924,573
Net Reserve for Loan Losses-7,309,950
Net Loans565,614,623
Federal Funds Sold1,809,741
Bank Premises, Furniture & Fixtures8,153,179
Other Assets23,783,163
Total Assets704,751,305
Undivided Profits21,121,164
Federal Funds Purchased/Repurchase Agreements67,976,234
Notes Payable and Other Borrowings0
Other Liabilities5,196,282
Demand Deposits248,807,366
Time and Savings Deposits316,100,496
Total Liabilities & Equity704,751,305