Attention debit & credit card holders

It has been confirmed that a data breach occurred at Home Depot potentially compromising debit and credit card information of Home Depot shoppers. Definitive information about the breach and specific individuals impacted is not available at this time. We will notify you if your card has been impacted as soon as that information is available.

We always recommend that you monitor your accounts diligently for any fraudulent activity via your online banking, mobile banking or your bank statement. Two Rivers Bank & Trust offers alerts that can provide you with updates on withdrawal (debit) activity from your account.

We encourage you to use our Chat Service to seek assistance in setting up the alert service if you are not presently utilizing this service. (To locate Chat see the icon at the top of the page or within online banking.)

You may also contact us by calling (888) 226-6063 with further questions. For your convenience 24/7 our automated telebanking service is available by calling (800) 370-6723.