Statement of Condition - Two Rivers Bank & Trust

December 31, 2013 Statement of Condition

Cash & Due10,486,772
US. Government Securities80,592,290
State, County and Municipal30,655,334
Loans and Discounts499,028,718
Less Reserve for Possible Losses-9,552,577
Net Loans489,476,141
Federal Funds Sold0
Bank Premises, Furniture & Fixtures8,271,514
Other Assets27,871,763
Total Assets647,353,814
Undivided Profits12,969,282
Federal Funds Purchased/Repurchase Agreements150,850,267
Notes Payable and Other Borrowings0
Other Liabilities4,309,842
Demand Deposits208,715,441
Time and Savings Deposits229,309,219
Total Liabilities & Equity647,353,814